Teflon Plating or “TefCote™” is a dry film protective coating that is applied as a thin film and cured onto the part. This process technique ensures that the substrate (eg. Steel) is completely covered from the elements (Corrosive Oils, Gases, & or Waters) and extends the product life substantially through its superior corrosion resistance to the base material being coated.


  • Superior Corrosion resistance from harsh chemicals
  • Deposition protection from Scale or Slag buildup
  • Improved Lubrication (Threads, Sealing Areas)
  • Uniform Thin-Film
  • Beyond Line of Sight Coverage


TefCote™ has superior corrosion and chemical resistance, provides protection for severe corrosion attack such as C02, H2S, Chlorides. TefCote™ provides deposition protection against Scale and Asphaltenes and performs extremely well in high working temperatures.

TefCote™ is an excellent choice for applications requiring a thickness above 0.001” (25um) and provides a uniform thin-film coating. Improved Lubrication for threads, sealing areas, etc. is realized with this coating. 


TefCote™ has been successfully applied to the wetted parts of a wide variety of oilfield components which are subjected to severely corrosive environments. Coating components such as valves, fittings, pipe spools, down hole completion tools, etc. are just some examples of what is possible. 

TefCote™ is an excellent choice of coating for severe service conditions where corrosion or scale (buildup) occur. 

Some examples of tools that we have protected against High H2S, CO2 wells, and/or Contaminated Water Wells

  • Strainer Nipples
  • Production Packers
  • Pup Joints
  • Flow Control Equipment
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Ball & Gate Valves 
  • Downhole Tool Components
  • Landing Nipples, Slick Joints

Silver Fox TefCote™ Capabilities 

Silver Fox is able to apply TefCote™ in lengths up to 24ft x 6ft wide and 6ft tall 

Silver Fox offers TefCote™ in three versions: 

TC45 (FEP)

  • FEP is a thin-film protective coating that typically comes in a light blue colour. It has excellent corrosion protection since it bonds as one continuous film. It has a very smooth surface that provides low friction. 


  • PTFE is a thin-film protective coating that typically comes in red or black colour. It has a very high working temperature and is very resistant to deposition particulates (scale, asphaltines) as well as provides excellent lubrication to threads. PTFE is also available in a Food Grade version (TC51). 

 TC60 (PFA)

  • PFA is a medium thick dry film protective coating that typically comes in black colour. It has excellent corrosion protection as it bonds as one continuous film. It can withstand high working temperatures and it exhibits greater toughness than PTFE or FEP.


TefCote™ is a dry thin-film coating that comes in various types depending on the application required. TefCote™ offers superior corrosion resistance from harsh chemicals, deposition protection from scale or slag build up, improved lubrication on threads or shafts and provides a clean consistent surface that improves the sealing capability.