Electroless Nickel Coating (ENC) High Phos (10.5%+)


Nickel Plating or “NickelCote™” is a nickel alloy coating that imparts superior corrosion resistance and added wear resistance to the base material being coated. In the “As Plated” condition it is a grain free amorphous structure with excellent barrier corrosion protection. NickelCote™ has a morphology similar to that of metallic glass coating and because of the absence of a well-defined crystal structure, eliminates the possibility of intergranular corrosion, inherent in many crystalline coatings. 

In other words: NickelCote™ is an Electroless Nickel barrier coating, in which it protects the substrate (eg. Steel) by sealing it off from the environment. Due to its superior chemical resistance, freedom of porosity, and as-plated hardness, NickelCote™ can provide a more effective and more economic protection than any other coating in most environments.


NickelCote™ has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, provides protection for severe corrosion attack such as C02, H2S and high temperature combinations. This coating exhibits excellent mechanical strength and phenomenal adhesion from mechanical and chemical bonding. 

NickelCote™ is an excellent choice for applications requiring a thickness above 0.001” (25um). This coating displays excellent deposit uniformity which is evident even in recesses in the substrate (eg. Threads).

NickelCote™ Coating is a true barrier protective coating. It is not a sacrificial coating such as zinc or Teflon coating, but rather provides an excellent barrier between corrosive environments and the substrate. The amorphous nature of NickelCote™ is advantageous in allowing the coating to withstand severe corrosive environments where typically only exotic alloys have been used. The amorphous structure does not have any grain boundaries at which corrosion sites can be initiated. NickelCote™ is used on equipment by many Oil and Gas companies which have shown to increase the corrosion resistance significantly. 

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance (H2S, CO2, Chlorides)
  • Abrasion Protection (Rockwell 'C' hardness' up to 68)
  • Impact Resistant
  • Uniform Coating
  • Beyond Line Of Sight Coverage


NickelCote™ has been successfully applied to the wetted parts of a wide variety of oilfield components which are subjected to severely corrosive environments. Coating components such as:

  • BOP Bodies
  • SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage)
  • Pup Joints
  • Pull Tubes
  • Flow Control Equipment
  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Pipe Spools
  • Oilwell completion tools

NickelCote™ is an excellent and economical choice of coating for severe service conditions for various applications in some of the most corrosive environments.  As well it competes with exotic alloys at a fraction of the cost.

Silver Fox NickelCote™ Capabilities

Silver Fox is able to coat tubulars up to 30’ long and 6” in diameter, as well as parts that are up to 2ft wide by 2ft high by 6ft long. 

NickelCote™ is available in three versions: 

NC500 (as plated)

  • In this condition, the coating is amorphous and free of porosity and non-magnetic. NC500 can provide a more effective and more economic protection than any other coating in most environments.

NC720 (Diffused)

  • This “Diffused” version has a nano-nickel layer that is diffused into the substrate. In this condition the treated part is highly corrosion resistant, as such the diffused layer will not flake or peel. Also, the hardness of the layer is increased giving it a better Taber Wear Index than NC500.

NC910 (Heat Treated)

  • This “Heat Treated” version greatly improves the wear resistance properties. In this condition the corrosion properties have been reduced, however, the bond strength to the substrate is increased. 


NickelCote™ is an Electroless Nickel barrier coating which protects the substrate (eg.steel) by sealing it off from the environment. NickelCote™ process is characterized by being an electroless (auto-catalytic) chemistry that plates a uniform layer of Nickel onto the surface of the substrate. Silver Fox has different versions of the process for various conditions.