B-110/120 HST

The B Setting Tools are pressure activated setting tools ran on jointed tubing, coiled tubing or drill pipe. It can be used to set packers, bridge plugs, and cement retainers, which are normally set on wireline.

The B Setting Tool uses a bottom connection equivalent to the Baker E-4 wireline setting tools. It is standard equipped with three (3) pistons and is designed so additional piston sections may be added to lower the necessary setting pressure.


This Setting Tool uses the same adapters for running as are used with a Baker E-4 Wireline Setting Tool.

The B Setting Tool is run into the desired setting depth. Sufficient pressure is applied to set and pack off the packer, bridge plug, or cement retainer. The pressure, or combination of pressure and tubing tension, then shears the Shear Stud or Ring, freeing the Setting Assembly from the packer, bridge plug, or cement retainer. The Setting Tool will automatically drain the Tubing String as it is being pulled.


  • Simple operation
  • Compact, Short, easy to transport and run
  • Pressure chambers can be added to lower setting pressure
  • Parts are interchangeable with other manufacturers



B-110 Tech Unit - PDF790-211xx.png


B-120 Tech Unit - PDF790-212xx.png

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