Retrievable Packers

The packer forms the basis of the cased-hole completion design. The packer is a sealing device that isolates and contains produced fluids and pressures within the wellbore to protect the casing and other formation above or below the producing zone. This is essential to the basic function of most wells.


Packer Applications

  • Prevent downhole movement of the tubing string
  • Support some of the weight of the tubing
  • Often improve well flow and production rate
  • Protect the annular casing from corrosion from produced fluids and high pressures
  • Provide a means of separation of multiple producing zones
  • Limit well control to the tubing at the surface for safety purposes
  • Hold well-servicing fluid (kill fluids, packer fluids) in the casing annulus


Packer Classification

Production Packers can be classified into two groups and three ways of functioning:


  • Retrievable
  • Permanent


  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Wireline