Plug & Perf

The Plug & Perf methodology utilizes a Frac plug, which is landed below the planned perfs and is typically meant to be removed after the wells perfs are completed.  The material utilized can be; steel/cast, aluminum, composite, or dissolvable.  Silver Fox has a variety depending on customer preference as well as well parameters.  Typically to be considered a Frac Plug the ID of the Plug is purposefully left open and engineered to be as large as possible to accommodate flow back once the well is active. However Frac Bridge Plugs are also common in Plug and Perf operations, wherein the ID of the Plug is plugged off preventing flow from occurring until Plug is removed.

Plug Classification

Frac Plugs can be classified into three groups based on their material of construction:



  • Ball drop (Dissolvable/Phenolic Ball from surface)
  • Bridge plug (No flow until removed)
  • Caged Ball (Ball fixtured to plug, allows limited fluid)