Anchor Catchers

Anchor Catchers are devices used to anchor tubing string to the casing at a desired depth, in order to pull and maintain tension in the tubing string during the pump cycle while simultaneously catching and preventing any parted pipe from falling into the well. It is used in most of the rod pumping applications where maintaining tubing tension is necessary. When set with proper tension to overcome both breathing and buckling, the Anchor Catcher effectively cuts operating cost incurred from excessive rod, tubing, and casing wear which results in fewer pulling jobs. Elimination of breathing and buckling increases production by lengthening the effective stroke of the pump, thereby increasing volumetric efficiency.


Why use an Anchor Catcher?

Rod pumping with the tubing hanging free causes the following problems:

  • Excessive wear of the rods, tubing, casing, and pump
  • Reduced pumping efficiency
  • Increased operating costs such as increased requirements of power consumption
  • Tubing buckling due to piston effects like breathing (or referred to as plugging), buoyancy and ballooning effects