Cement Retainers

Jan 04, 2018

Silver Fox has expanded to include its own Cement Retainers now available in 4-½", 5-½" and 7" sizes.  These plugs are 10k rated and are compatible with Baker, Weatherford, Bolt setting and running gear.  Silver Fox also has its own line of setting gear that is optimized to run with our Retainers.

Silver Fox Retainers have key features that are advantageous such as:

  • Increased rubber bond and O-Ring size on valve that improves functionality.
  • Shoe design with increased cross-section flow area for improved cement delivery.
  • Sleeve has inside taper matched to mandrel that does not allow collet fingers to see force when removing stinger

Contact your nearest Silver Fox shop for pricing and further details or email at Sales(at)silver-fox.net

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