QTA Drag Block

Model "QTA" Drag Block Tension Anchor are used to allow the placement of tubing in tension. Model "QTA" is set by tension (lifting tubing) and rotating to the right 1/4 turn. Tool is released by applying compression (lowering tubing) onto tool, tool will automatically revert back to running position for quick retrieval. Emergency shear release can be adjusted by adding or removing shear pins.


  • 1/4 Turn Right Hand Set
  • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades
  • Large Bore - Small OD, allows quick running and retrieval
  • Drag Blocks for optimal setting and releasing control
  • Straight Compression Release or Emergency Shear Release
  • Easily adjust shear release from 5,000lbs to 50,000lbs
  • Once Anchor has been sheared, slips disengage and completely retract